School Mission Statement and School Song





Mission Statement Update


As a result of our last visit from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) which took place in April 2011, we saw the need to revisit our school purpose, which is expressed in our mission statement.

In reviewing our school purpose, we also examined:

–       our school profile;

–       research on local and national educational goals;

–       research on job and career projections;

–       research on career and technical skills; and,

–       research on achieving student success in the new global economy of the 21st century.

All this was done in order to understand our students, as well as the world for which they should be prepared to engage. It was imperative to ensure that our school purpose reflect: that we are aware of the challenges our students will face in the future, and that our goal should be to have the students come to possess the necessary competencies in order to succeed beyond high school in a world that is increasingly complex and competitive.

Our mission statement review resulted in a stakeholder-driven decision to change the current statement at the time: The mission of Simon A. Sanchez High School is to bring our community together in a respectful environment where every participant strives to meet the highest outcome and promotes excellence for all.

Among the major concerns noted by our faculty were:

–       the need for a more direct statement of purpose

–       the need for the statement to focus on students’ achievement.

During the process, opportunities were given for the school community to have a voice via invitations in the school newsletter, website, online surveys, etc.  After more research and a lengthy series of discussions, drafts, surveys, and votes, we were all able to arrive at a consensus on the following statement:

Our mission is to empower students to become productive citizens of the 21st century through a commitment to academic excellence, career preparation, and civic engagement.


This statement was formally introduced to the school community toward the end of school year 2011-12 through the school website, campus murals, official school documents, informational meetings held during PATSO meetings and parent-teacher conferences, at which handouts and free bookmarks were distributed. The school continues to ensure that all are aware of our new mission statement by distributing free bookmarks with the school mission statement and learner outcomes at various school events (“Sharks Day at the Mall” and “Meet and Greet” to name a couple). 

We would like to thank all the members of our school community who took an interest in this task and gave their time and input during the process.




School Song:

Come ye all of Sanchez

Rise strong and sing

Let praises to our colors ring.

Thru the years

May all honor be

To our school

With pride and loyalty.

Sanchez High forever

Sing Sanchez sing

Lift high our voices

Let our hearts join in.

We shall guard her honor

Faithful true we’ll be

Lift our royal banner

In sky, on land, and sea.