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Class of 1996
20th Reunion

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Venue: TBA
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Upcoming Fundraiser Events as follows:

Friday, September 12, 2014
C9 Club & Sports Lounge
located in Tamuning below Hafa Adai Exchange
6pm – 10pm
$10.00 comes with 1 drink


FREE Yearbook CD’s available for the classes of 1975-2001.  Please call the main office to place an order.  CD’s are a compilation of the aforementioned classes all in one CD.  All we ask for is your current email address so we can build up our Alumni network.  Only 100 available:  first come, first served.


SEEKING HELP FROM ANY ALUMNI: We would like to purchase security cameras for the gym and the 2nd floor of the main building. Approximate cost = $800. Please help us if you can!!



Class of 1979:  Fleur de Peralta is planning a class reunion this next summer. Date and place TBA.

Class of 1990:  Donated $500 on 1/30/13 to help buy a marquee sign for placement on Marine Corps Drive. Class members representing were: Rowena Dimla, Bernard Aguon, Evan Manlangit, Ron Delfin, and Maria Abante.

Class of 1991:

Class of 1992:  Donated a sign to the school which was posted at the entrance of the Hafa Adai Market entrance on Aug 13, 2012. Thanks to:  Connie Benavente, Rick Sunga, Irene Aguilar, and Christine Guevara.  Our very own SSHS Assistant Principal is Melvin Finona from the same class.  The sign has been replaced by a new marquee.

Class of 1993:  Rick Castro and Robert Becker donated cans of enamel paint to SSHS Weight Room in Sept. 2013. They said the room has not changed a bit since 1993 and they wanted to improve it.

Class of 1997:   Representatives from SSHS Class of ’97 came to our school to donate 20 fans for the classrooms without air conditioning.  One of our teachers, Ms. Acie Jo Cruz, is a ’97 graduate and her old classmates were aware of the events happening at SSHS regarding our facilities.  “They decided to take action and help,” said Ms. Cruz.  The former class officers who showed up were:  Leonard Padua- 97 class president; Jolinie Somera -97 class Secretary; Acie Jo Cruz -97 SBA secretary.  “The Class of 1997 has always been a close knit class. We have stayed in touch through the years. When news came out about our hot classrooms, the President went on our Facebook page and asked for help to give back. Without hesitation, alumni from 97 agreed to donate fans. Those ’97 alumni off-island donated money via Paypal to have it purchased. Others purchased on their own and just delivered it to the school. We remain committed to giving back to our school…we encourage other classes and all alumni to do the same. :) ”   – quote from Ms. Cruz

Class of 1998:

Class of 2007:

Class of 2008:  Helped clean up the school at the start of SY 2011-12 under former class officer Erica Garcia. The following showed up to help: Ronalyn Agpaoa, Ashley Gaerlan, Jan Villarta, Desmond Quenga, Ariel Buceat, Jeanette Chua, Hennesey Gaerlan, Arvi Patagas, and Wenni Hu.

Class of 2009:

Class of 2010:  The former SBA President Class of 2010, Beaudy Camacho, donated school supplies to the current officers of the school’s SBA, which included paper and paint, a laptop, laser printer, and projector.   Also present was Danielle Caburian from the Class of 2010.  Beaudy Camacho was guest speaker at the Class of 2013 graduation ceremony.

Class of 2011:  Carl Quintanilla, assistant coach for the SSHS Baseball Team, helped coach the team to two championships in a row.

Class of 2012:  Members helped with FEA Induction Ceremony 2013, including Darlynn Manlangit, Kassie O’Connor, Jon Bautista, and Rhoda Basto.  Michelle Quichocho was the JV Girls Volleyball coach, with help from Cheryl O’Connor.

Class of 2013:  Giselle Kho and Edeline Cruz are the new volleyball assistant coaches.  Denea Elanparo ran for Miss Guam World and received the award for Peoples Choice.  Janey Nauta ran for Miss Guam Universe 2013 and won Peoples Choice.