SSHS Expected School-wide Learning Results or ESLR’s

Simon A. Sanchez High School

“Home of the Sharks”

Expected School-wide Learning Results

Simon Sanchez High School students will demonstrate ACE:

Academic Excellence

  • through creative and critical thinking skills
  • through effective communication skills
  • through being goal oriented and self-disciplined individuals

Career Preparation

  • by taking initiative and demonstrating innovation
  • by demonstrating professional conduct, collaboration and other interpersonal skills
  • by efficient use of time and resources to achieve goals
  • by demonstrating the ability to understand and effectively use relevant technology

Engagement in Civic Activities

  • through awareness of local and global issues
  • by contributing time and talent to community needs

Adopted Spring 2012


A Brief History of Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (also known as ESLRs):

Definition of schoolwide learner outcomes:

What each student should know, understand and be able to do upon exit (e.g. graduation) from the school, or by the time the student completes the planned program. These learning results are collaboratively developed and represent the focus of the entire school community.

During school year 2011-2012, the school engaged in clarifying our schoolwide learner outcomes in preparation for our full Self-Study (Accreditation). In our review, we discussed the following questions:

– What are the current needs of the students?

– What are the challenges that students will be facing in the future?

– What competencies should students possess when they pursue postsecondary education/training and the world of work?

The school also studied the student/community profile data and research that helped answer the questions above (literature on the 21st century skills, job/career projections, etc.). Based on these discussions and input from parents (collected via online survey/questionnaire) and students and staff (via discussions at various meetings), the school decided to refine the learner outcomes. An ESLRs working committee was tasked to take the lead and as they carried out the work, they kept in mind the input of stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, parents). During the drafting stage, the school community was updated frequently via website postings (which allowed for input via the comment form), bulletin boards on campus, during presentations/discussions held during PTC and PATSO meetings, etc. The ESLRs working committee worked with the leadership team to ensure that all in the school community had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the learner outcomes.

The new learner outcomes posted above were adopted in the spring of 2012 and began to be publicized on the school website, on campus, and at various school events. Additionally, students, parents, and school personnel can monitor students’ progress in developing the skills and competencies expressed in the school learner outcomes with the Learner Outcomes Rubric (also know as ESLRs rubric) that is to be distributed during 1st and 3rd quarter. Please note that some teachers post student progress of the learner outcomes on powerschool.

Thank you to all members of the school community (administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, etc.) who gave their time and energy in the development of our learner outcomes!


Simon A. Sanchez High School is located in the village of Yigo in the northernmost part of the island of Guam in the Western Pacific.

The school serves numerous housing subdivisions, apartment complexes, and two large socio-economic residential areas known as the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Area (GHURA) 505 and 506.  The school is also surrounded by locally owned shops and restaurants that serve the nearby community populated by nearly 19,500 people; Yigo is the island’s second largest village by population but the largest village by land area at approximately 35.16 square miles. To the north of the school just a few miles away is the large U.S. military installation, Anderson Air Force Base (AAFB), with which the school has some affiliation.  Some faculty members are military dependents from AAFB, and the Andersen Wives Club annually hosts the  Sharks-Make-Wishes-Come-True Christmas event.  The multi-ethnic community surrounding Simon A. Sanchez High School is dependent on the school  to educate its teen-aged children, provide community service, and make available shelter in times of natural disasters.