“I look forward to the Science Expo every year. It gives students an opportunity to explore the different branches of science,” said Reuben Bugarin, a junior taking Honors Anatomy and Physiology.

On the fourth and fifth days of December 2014, the noise from the science building roared as students of Simon Sanchez High School filled the sidewalks of the science building.

So what caused this excitement?

Last Thursday and Friday, the science department held its annual Science Expo. The Expo gives students of Simon Sanchez the opportunity to showcase and explore the various branches of science. Some Science Expo booths included chromatography, alternative energy, hydroponics, Oobleck, and upcycling.

In an interview with Jho’nae Camacho, a sophomore presenter for the Honors Chemistry class, Camacho stated, “Many listeners enjoyed our presentation about chromatography. It felt great to share my knowledge with other students.”

Another presenter, junior Vanesa Peralta stated, “Presenting at this year’s science Expo was great fun. I hope I get to have a fourth science next year, so that I can participate as a presenter again.”

Way to go, science department! We hope to see more in the years to come!


Honors Physics students prepare to Let It Shine with their presentation on solar energy





SSHS students enjoying the Science Expo



Junior Raymond Cruz telling us why we should save the dolphins






Students teaching and engaging


Senior Daniel Tenorio educating SSHS students






Sophomores Jho’nae Camacho and Jezreel Sabangan teaching students about chromatography