Leave Your Mark Senior Project Needs Your Help!

The Leave Your Mark Project, under the auspices of our school’s PATSO (Parent Administration Teacher Student Organization), a non-profit organization, started back in 2008 in Mrs. Gretchen Andres’ English 12 class as a way for students to enhance their research and writing skills to benefit their school community.


Our school has been struggling with community and parent communication and involvement for many years. Currently, our school uses the school’s website and sends newsletters home to parents and guardians to inform them of any events or important information about the school. Unfortunately, many of our parents have no access to the internet to visit our school website. In addition, when students are given the newsletters, many of them end up disposing them and parents never get pertinent information.  Parent communication and involvement are imperative as it has shown that with these qualities come with increased student success.


Currently, our school is using a makeshift marquee to help communicate important information to parents/guardians that pass by our school. With a permanent school marquee at the new and better location, our school will have another avenue to which we can communicate important information to not only parents, but the village community as well.


The Leave Your Mark Project is pleased to announce this year’s project, “Leave Your Marquee’ The project is aiming to install a permanent structure to uphold a school marquee along Marine Corp Drive next to the Hafa Adai Market in Yigo. The purchase of the marquee will cost around $20,000.00. Currently, the students in this project are working at raising funds to help with the cost, but we need your help.


We are asking for your support in this endeavor. With your company’s support, your business will be mentioned during our print and radio advertisements, company logo on our t-shirts, display of your banner at the main gate of our main campus, and of course, mention of your corporate sponsorship support during our groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Gretchen Andres at 686-8332, 653-2313 or e-mail at [email protected].


By Geisha Dela Pena and Zyra Sanchez

Class of 2k13