SSHS Student Support Services






Counselors by Alpha Listing of Last Names:

 A – Carlos, N.:                                            Ms. Vangie Perez (Ext. 3519)

 Carpela, T. – Fichiuo, R.:                           Mrs. Annette Galvez (Ext. 3582)

 Fichiuo, S. – Limehouse, Tae.:                  Mr. John Mesa (Ext. 3517)

 Limehouse, Tan. – Oyardo, J.:                  Ms. Gina Rosendo (Ext. 3524)

 Pablo, D. – Santiago, S.:                            VACANT

 Santiago, T. – Z:                                         Mrs. Ma. Blessa Ramos (Ext. 3522)

Health Counselor:   Mrs. Diane Centeno (Ext. 3521)

GCC Counselor:  Ms. Sharon Oliveros (Ext. 3518)

CRTs: Mr. Juanito Serrano and Mrs. Madeleine Golez (Ext. 3531)

Transition Coordinator: Mr. Karl Quitano (Ext. 3618)

ESL Coordinator: Mrs. Melanie Nesmith (Ext. 3530)

Speech Provider: Ms. Rowena Dimla (Ext. 3506)

School Resource Officer: Officer Vince Balajadia & Officer Sanya Olkeriil (Ext. 3508)






Scholarships:  Please visit our Counseling Office for available  scholarships.

Recent Scholarship Offers:  “Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Scholars Program” <[email protected]>



Things to Check Out…

  • Peer Mediation – Are you experiencing a conflict with one of your fellow classmates?  Would you like a chance to resolve that conflict?  Please come and see a counselor today for more information on Peer Mediation. 
  • ACT Testing
  • PSAT Testing
  • ASVAB –  Check out their website for more information and practice tests!